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A5050 Giante Cigar Cabinet

As the largest-sized humidors in our line-up, Giante humidor's design & details make it an outstanding piece of furniture for both home use and commercial display.

Towered-like Large Size

Four sliding drawers provide a capacity large enough to handle up to 250 Corona-sized cigars.

USB Cable Opening

The cable opening (USB A to USB Micro B) provides preparation for most electric humidification devices.

Large Storage Drawer

The pull-out cigar accessory storage drawer is large enough to store any accessories or tools.

Lock and Keys

The lockable door with keys provides a reliable seal and smooth opening and closing actions.


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Shines Like the Meteor Showers

LED Light System

Light up and showcase your fine cigars day and night

Larger Cedar Drawers

Perfectly fit your cigars and boxes, also for electric humidifiers

Best Humidity Control

Equipped with a digital hygrometer and magnetic door

Axinite Collection


Why Buy This

For Better Cigar Storage

3 Larger Cigar Drawers

Stores more cigars due to its 3-layer large drawer design, also provide enough space for digital humidifier storage
Magnetic Cedar-lined Door

Magnets inside the door and the Spanish cedar lining ensure tight seal and humidity stability
Digital Hygrometer

More accurate humidity monitor than analog hygrometers, also easy to calibrate via the buttons at the back
Upgraded Gel Humidifiers

Easier to handle than traditional foam-based humidifiers, and more simple to keep perfect humidity level