Woodronic in a Nutshell
Woodronic's long history lies in our woodworking team, whose combined 5-decades of experience in using ancient woodworking and craftsmanship, to create beautiful and highly functional humidors for the true cigar connoisseur.

Traditional Techniques

Woodronic's designers and craftspeople persist in the tradition of handmade humidors with ancient techniques the same as those of the early artisans, including marquetry technique, with which pieces of veneer are applied to a wood structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures; various cutting techniques like knife-cutting, packet-cutting, and contour-cutting; classic sand-shading technique which adds shadows to the designs; and multiple veneer combination with the techniques of softening and flattening, rough cutting, seaming, and glue-up.

Wood Selection

Each type of wood has its own smell, touch, color, grain and style. We select best type of wood to form a real wood veneer and finish with a distinct grain and texture. Spanish cedar is the choice for lining cigar humidor due to its aromatic oils and moisture resistance, so we acquire great supplies of cedar wood worldwide to craft our cigar humidors.