Frequently-asked Questions

Questions about Woodronic

What is the warranty about Woodronic products?

All Woodronic products are covered by 12-month warranty from date of purchase. Check our Warranty Policy for details.

What is your return policy?

We offer free returns within 30 days of purchase. You can return your product for a different product, or a refund to the original payment method. We have different return policies under different circumstances. Check our Return Policy for details.

My product is defective. What can I do?

Please contact our Customer Support, provide your order number and the photo(s) of the defects, and we will help you look into the problem.

My product came damaged. How can I get a new replacement?

Please contact our Customer Support, provide your order number and the photo(s) of the damages, and we will send you a new replacement product at no cost.

Something is missing in my package. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Support, provide your order number and we will help you deal with this problem and send you the missing part at no cost.


Questions about Hygrometer 

My hygrometer shows 99% or has a incomplete reading?

(1) Remove the original battery and place it back to the battery compartment to see if caused by the poor contact of the battery. (2) Replace a new button battery to see if the hygrometer runs out of battery.

My hygrometer is upside down?

If it is a cabinet, take out the pixel glass panel with the hygrometer attached, turn the panel to the right direction, and place it back. If it is a humidor, simple turn it in the right direction. Make sure no leak around the hygrometer. 

The gold/silver frame of the hygrometer falls off?

Clean the surface, and use super glue and such to re-stick the frame back to the place.

How can I check if the hygrometer works or not?

When receiving the humidor, you could please expose the hygrometer to other environments. Wait and check if the reading changes. If yes, the hygrometer is working; if not, there may be some problem with the hygrometer. Please contact our Customer Support and we will help you figure it out.

How can I check the accuracy of the hygrometer?    

(1) Do a Salt Test to check the accuracy. Prepare a small food storage bag that zips, a tiny cup or bottle cap, 20-ounce soda or distilled water, some table salt. Fill the cap with salt and add enough distilled water. Don't add so much water that the salt dissolves; you just want it to be wet. Put the cap and the hygrometer inside the baggie, and zip it up. Wait about 12-24 hours and read the hygrometer. If it’s accurate, it should show around 75% RH. (2) Use 75% Boveda hygrometer calibration kit. Simply place a hygrometer in the airtight storage bag with the enclosed Boveda humidity pack. Zip closed and check back in 24 hours. If the hygrometer doesn’t read 75% RH around after testing, adjust by the number of points it’s off.

How can I adjust the digital hygrometer?

Press and hold the "ADJ" button ("C" Button) for 3 seconds to enter the adjustment mode. Press "MAX/MIN" button or "°C/℉" button to adjust the humidity reading. Press "ADJ" button ("C" Button) to confirm.


Questions about Humidity Control 

How can I set up my new humidor?

Please go to our Seasoning Instruction Page for details.

What if my humidor is too moist, and the reading is over 80%?

Check your hygrometer. If the hygrometer works well, the reason may be that the humidor is too humid. In this case, let the over-humidified humidor dry out slowly. Open the lid or door of the humidor and leave it open for a day or 2. Record the hygrometer reading and the humidity should gradually fall. 

What if the humidity is too low in my humidor? It reads only 50% or 60%?

Please go to our Low Humidity Solutions Page for further help.


Questions about Humidifier 

Where to place the humidifier(s) in my humidor?

(1) Place the humidifier(s) at the corner of your humidor with the vent part upwards, and keep at least 1-2 cm distance from your stored cigars. (2) If you prefer to stick the humidifier to the humidor, for a smaller-sized humidor, you can stick the humidifier to the lid; while for a larger-sized cabinet, you can stick the humidifier(s) to the interior wall of any drawer. Make sure no water drips or it may ruin your cigars.

What if my humidifier gets moldy?

(1) If the crystal gel gets moldy, throw away the moldy humidifier and get a new one. Make sure to use distilled water to activate the humidifier. (2) If the mold is on the exterior of the humidifier, clean it up and re-activate it, ensuring that the vent part of the humidifier is placed upwards (not downwards) in the humidor. 

How long can the crystal gel humidifier last?

The crystal gel humidifier(s) can last up to 1 year. The crystal gel is a type of eco-friendly material and will be gone after long-term use. When you notice the crystal gel oxidizes and significantly decreases, it is time to prepare a new one.

How do I fill distilled water in a crystal gel humidifier?

The grid/mesh design of the humidifier is intended to slow down water penetration to prevent potential leaks, which requires some effort to fill. To charge the humidifier: (1) Fill a small amount of distilled water or solution at a time through the meshed grid, allowing it to seep into the reservoir. Repeat this process multiple times. (2) It's advisable to use a dropper. This way, you can add the liquid slowly and with precision to the tank.