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A5040 Wooden Backgammon Set , Walnut Maple Mahogany Veneer, Brown

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  • 2 Design Styles: Faux dragon scale with matte and waxy touch & multiple veneer combination with smooth and colorful surface
  • Smooth playing surface ensures the best backgammon experinece
  • The points are hand-cut and inlaid into the playing field to form a precision fit. Checkers can easily glide from point to point,
  • 2 sets of white and black wood checkers, 2 sets of 15 mm precision dices, 1 doubling cube, and 2 black leather dice cups made to fit in the special compartment
  • The hinged, magnetized lid keeps all the accessories from rattling around
  • From the type of wood, to the accessories that complement the colours of the playing surface and points, each component of Woodronic backgammon board helps act as a unique playing board, and also a great gift for players


  • Real wood 
  • Outer: Walnut/Maple/Mahogany/Black Colored Veneer Inlay 
  • Inside: Maple/Teak/Walnut Veneer

Shipping & Returns

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  • Open: 15.0" x 18.7" x 1.1" (38 cm x 47.5 cm x 2.7 cm) 
  • Closed: 15.0" x 9.3" x 2.1" (38 cm x 23.5 cm x 5.4 cm) 

What is in the Box

  • 15-inch backgammon board 
  • 2 sets of 25 mm wood checkers 
  • 2 sets of 15 mm precision dices 
  • 1 doubling cube 
  • 2 black leather dice cups




Wood Selection

Best type of wood is selected to form real wood veneer or finish with a distinct grain and texture.

Traditional Techniques

Woodronic craftspeople are proficient in ancient techniques of handmade products like marquetry technique, various cutting techniques as well as multiple veneer combination.