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CINOROW Cigar Humidor, 25-50 CT, Handscraped Grain

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  • Keep Cigars Fresh: Cinorow humidors are designed to keep your cigars fresh and in perfect condition, no matter how long you store them, featuring a precision humidification system and a tight-fitting lid to keep moisture levels stable and your cigars protected.
  • All Cigar Accessories: Our cigar box also comes with a variety of cigar accessories, including a digital hygrometer, crystal beads humidifier, Spanish cedar divider, cigar lighter, cutter and ashtray to provide a complete cigar-smoking experience for you.
  • Large Cigar Capacity: Cinorow cigar humidors come in two sizes – 25 and 50 cigar capacity – to suit your individual needs with a removable Spanish cedar divider to better organize your collections. Whether you're a casual smoker or a serious collector, our humidors have plenty of room for your cigars.
  • Easy to Use: With its simple and intuitive design, our Cinorow humidor is incredibly easy to use. The digital hygrometer and crystal beads humidifier monitor and adjust the humidity levels with accuracy to maintain the right humidity level, and let cigars age well and preserve their flavor.
  • Stylish and Durable: Addition to its performance is the stylish and durable features of our humidors. Its sleek design with felt-lined bottom and top-notch materials make it the perfect addition to any home or office.


  • Handscraped grain
  • Spanish cedar wood
  • Other woods


  • Dimensions for 25 Cigar Capacity: 9" x 6.4" x 2.9" (23 x 16.25 x 7.5 cm) 
  • Dimensions for 50 Cigar Capacity: 10.4" x 9" x 3.9" (26.5 x 23 x 10 cm) 

What is in the Box

  • 1 Cigar humidor
  • 1 Crystal gel humidifier
  • 1 Digital hygrometer
  • 1 Spanish cedar divider
  • 1 Cigar cutter
  • 1 Stainless steel cigar ashtray
  • 1 Cigar lighter

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