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Axinite A5045BK Cigar Cabinet, 100-150 CT, Polished Piano Black

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  • Extra Large Capacity: Holds around 150 cigars (depending on the ring gauge of your cigars) 

    18-29 Gauge (Cigarillos, etc.): 350-500 Counts
    30-39 Gauge (Pantela, etc.): 200-350 Counts
    40-48 Gauge (Corona, Lonsdale, etc.): 150-200 Counts
    48-59 Gauge (Robusto, Toro, Churchill, Double Corona, etc.): 100-150 Counts
    60-80 Gauge (Giant, “Fat”): 30-50 Count

  • Digital Hygrometer: Monitor the internal humidity and temperature at the same time, more accurate than analog ones

  • Upgraded Gel Humidifiers: Easy to handle, and monitors and maintains the internal humidity level better

  • Magnetic Seal: The magnetic cedar-lined door makes the humidor tightly sealed to ensure your fine cigars can keep their freshness and aroma

  • See-through Design: Clear acrylic door gives you the best view of your cigar collections, also allowing you to check RH level without opening the door and breaking the humidity balance

  • Exquisite Workmanship: Boasts its upscale piano black finish with tight invisible seams, lined with the finest aged Spanish cedar


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