Questions about Humidor

 Are all the cigar humidor Spanish cedar lined?

Yes, all the Woodronic cigar humidors are lined with Spanish cedar.

Do all the cigar humidors come with hygrometers?

No. Except the travel cigar humidor collection, all the other cigar humidors have built-in hygrometers to help you check the RH level.

Can I return the cigar humidor whenever I do not need it?

Sure.All the Woodronic products enjoy 1-year warranty. You may return any item in its original condition within the warranty period.

Something is missing in our humidor. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Support, and we will help you deal with this problem and send you the missing part.

The humidor is defective. How can I get a new replacement?

Please contact our Customer Support, and we will help you look into problem and send you a new replacement depending on different conditions.


Questions about the Seasoning 

How can I check if the hygrometer works or not?

You could please take the hygrometer off the humidor, and expose it to other environments. Wait and check if the reading changes. If yes, the hygrometer is working; while if not, there may be some problem with the hygrometer. Please contact us and we will help you figure it out and send you a new replacement.

How can I check the accuracy of the hygrometer?    

You could please have a Salt Test to check the accuracy. (1) Prepare a small food storage bag that zips, a  tiny cup or bottle cap from a 20-ounce soda or distilled water, some table salt. (2) Fill the cap with salt and add enough water. Don't add so much water that the salt dissolves; you just want it to be wet. (3) Put the cap and the hygrometer inside the baggie, and zip it up. (4) Wait about 6-12 hrs and read the hygrometer. If it’s accurate, it should show a humidity of around 75% RH.
You can use 75% Boveda hygromater calibration kit to check. (1) Simply place a hygrometer or humidity sensor in the airtight high-density bag with the enclosed Boveda humidity pack. Zip closed and check back in 24 hours. (2) Depending on the kit, if the hygrometer doesn’t read 75% RH around after testing, adjust by the number of points it’s off.

If you find your hygrometer is not accurate, please do contact us and we will send you a new replacement free of charge.

How can I set up my new humidor?

Get the humidor fully seasoned. (1) You could please simply wipe down interior with distilled water or place a shot glass of distilled water inside, meanwhile soaking the humidifier and putting it inside. Repeat the process until the humidity rises to and stabilizes at 68-72%, which may take 1-2 days or longer. (2) Or you could please buy any seasoning humidapack and leave it in humidor for several days. After the seasoning, you should be good to go, and the humidor is ready for cigar storage.

What if my humidor is too humid and the reading is over 80%?

Check your hygrometer. If the hygrometer works well, the reason may be that the humidor was seasoned too humid. In this case, let the over-humidified humidor dry out slowly. We have 3 ways to help lower the humidity.
     (1) Open the lid of the humidor and leave it open for 2 to 3 hours or even longer based on the actual humidity. This will allow the moisture in the humidor to escape, lowering the humidity. After that, refill the humidor with distilled water by soaking the humidifier in distilled water. Shake off excess water and store in the humidor to keep the humidity up.
    (2) Add some cedar strips to help absorb the internal humidity.
    (3) If you are new to humidors, it is recommended that you get either Boveda 65% or 69% packs for your humidor to help absorb the moisture.

What if the humidity is too low in my humidor? It reads only 50% or 60%?

Check the hygrometer. If the hygrometer works well,  the reason may be that the humidor was not fully seasoned. In this case, you could please take a sponge or towel and dip it in the distilled water, squeeze out the excess water, and then gently wipe the wood in your humidor; or (2) fill a shot glass with distilled water and place it inside the humidor with a hygrometer. Close the lid and leave it for 1 to 2 days until the humidity rises. Meanwhile, you could please also fill your humidifier with the same distilled water or solution, and place it into the humidor.

The seasoning will continue to take place for 1-2 weeks or so depending on the size of your humidor. Don't place any cigars in your humidor during this time. If your humidor holds RH at around 68-72% for a couple of days, you are ready to add a few sticks.

The humidifier works okay, but it is the trouble that I need to refill it with distilled water very often. 

During the early stage when you begin using a new humidor, you need to check the humidity very often, about every 2-3 days, and refill the humidifier accordingly. This process may last for several days until the internal humidity becomes stable and that you become familiar with the environment. For example, dry climates require more attention than humid climates, or if you open your humidor several times a day it will require refilling more often than if you open it once every week.

If you are not accustomed to refilling the humidifier, it is also a good choice that you can turn to Boveda 69% or 72% humidipacks or an electric humidification system that may work best for your needs.