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Leonids A5046 Cigar Cabinet, 100-150 CT, Ebony Finish

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  • Lighted Cigar Display: The interior is lit by integrated LED spotlights, with Spanish cedar drawers that have unique clear windows to let you easily scan the shelf to see what's inside, also as an option to better showcase this centerpiece.
  • Larger Capacity: 3 larger cigar drawers with handles for up to 200 sticks. Each drawer maesures 8 1/4” by 7 1/4” and 3 1/2”, fit for most electric cigar humidifiers like Cigar Oasis and Humidicup
  • Accurate Digital Hygromter: Monitor the internal humidity and temperature at the same time, more accurate than analog ones
  • Magnetic Seal: The magnetic cedar-lined door makes the humidor tightly sealed to ensure your fine cigars can kept their freshness and aroma
  • See-through Design: Clear acrylic door gives you the best view of your cigar collections, also allowing you to check RH level without opening the door and breaking the humidity balance.


  • Glossy ebony finish
  • Cedar wood
  • Other woods

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  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.13" x 10.13" x 13.75" (26 x 26 x 35 cm)
  • Drawer Dimensions: 8.25” x 7.25” x 3.5” (21 x 18.5 x 9 cm)

What is in the Box

  • 1 Cigar cabinet
  • 3 Cigar drawers with handles
  • 1 Digital hygrometer
  • 2 Humidifier
  • 1 LED light panel




Wood Selection

Best type of wood is selected to form real wood veneer or finish with a distinct grain and texture.

Traditional Techniques

Woodronic craftspeople are proficient in ancient techniques of handmade products like marquetry technique, various cutting techniques as well as multiple veneer combination.