Common Humidor Problems and How to Fix Them

A humidor is the best way to store cigars as it can save your sticks from drying out and losing their flavor. But just having a humidor is not enough; instead, how to make the best use of your humidor is the point. When you notice that your cigars are dry or too moist, you may have some problems with the way you're using your humidor.

Here are the most common problems encountered when storing cigars in a humidor and suggestions on how to fix them.


Cigars become wet?

Cause 1: Cigars are being stored too close to the humidifier, especially when a tray is being used.

Solution: Increase the distance between the cigars and the humidifier. In small humidors insert a layer of veneer from a cigar box between the cigar and the humidifier.

Cause 2: The evaporation surface of the humidifier/humidity packet is over the size of the humidor that can bear.

Solution: For the humidifier, cover a section of the evaporation surface with sticky tape or choose a smaller humidifier. For the humidity packet, choose adequate humidity (69% or 72% is the best) and size based on the size of the humidor and the number of cigars you store.


Cigars become dry?

Cause 1: The evaporation surface of the humidifier is too small relative to the size of the humidor.

SolutionChoose a larger humidifier or humidity packet of higher RH, or even install an active regulated humidifying system with air flow function.

Cause 2: The wood in a new humidor is still dry and is taking moisture out of the air.

Solution: Re-season the humidor. Wipe the humidor lining with a damp cloth with distilled water every 2 to 3 hours to re-humidify the wood.


Musty odors in the humidor?

Causes: The humidity levels have been too high.

Solution: Let the humidor open to make the excess moisture escape. Choose an adequate-sized humidifier to lower the humidity level.


Mold in the humidor?

Causes 1: Excessive humidity levels in the humidor over an extended period.

Cause 2: Leakage of water from the humidifier on the wood.

Solution: Wipe the humidor out with a damp cloth, sand down with 120 grit sandpaper and remove all dust. Dry the humidor with a hairdryer (min. 50°C).

If the mold appears to have affected the cigars, remove any moldy cigars.


Hygrometer reading problem?

Causes: The poor contact of the battery.

Solution: Remove the battery and place it back to the battery compartment to see if the problem solved. If not, contact us for further help.

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